Who are we ?

Founder of Brodeuse Voyageuse, Camille Bertrand is a textile designer specializing in hand embroidery and textile printing. Trained in Paris (Duperré) and Lyon (ENSBA), she furthered her expertise through professional experiences and collaborations in France and abroad.

From China to Germany, from the Cévennes to Cambodia, she learns firsthand with textile artisans. In 2019, she settled in Morocco to establish a company aimed at showcasing the expertise of the embroiderers and weavers she collaborates with. Her time is divided between creation, exchanges with artisans, and sourcing raw materials found in Morocco and France.

She established her workshop in Marrakech in 2021. Since the inception of Brodeuse Voyageuse, Camille has been involved with various audiences to share and transmit the values and expertise of embroidery and natural dyeing of the brand.

Kaoutar Oumenssour has joined Brodeuse Voyageuse to develop prototypes and produce small embroidered series. She grew up in the region of Mzouda and learned the secrets of Rozlaby embroidery from the women in her village. She excels in her daily practice. As a young, independent, and conscientious woman, she learned English on her own and plans to learn Chinese in the future.

Fatima Zouaou lives in Ouarzazate and is originally from Anzal, the heart of the Siroua region. For the production of our rugs, she provides us with 100% Moroccan wool, hand-spun, either white or black.

Brodeuse Voyageuse is very proud of its collaborations with women’s cooperatives in the Marrakech and Zagora regions.

The Amezrou cooperative was the first. Close ties have quickly formed since 2019 with these women, allowing us to work remotely. Each time we visit in person, our partnership progresses towards excellence. We adapt the techniques they master for projects with a more modern design.

For weaving, we work with the Nisae El Khir cooperative. This group of Berber women enjoys learning and experimenting with new materials and designs. They work with the goal of achieving excellence every day.

The finishing touches of the products are carried out in Marrakech by partner companies and cooperatives with whom we have built a relationship of trust. This proximity allows us to be flexible and responsive to orders and to ensure the quality control of our products.

A relationship of trust has been established with all of our partners. This allows us to have a win-win relationship and to offer high-quality products.