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Embroidered cashmere and silk.

Handwoven in off-white and black natural wool from Siroua. Enhanced by the Boucharouite technique.

In Morocco, we often find weavings with black wool, but the color is usually achieved through dyeing. The issue is that black dyeing is highly polluting and tends to bleed afterward.

And why dye the wool when there are still black sheep in Morocco?

Boucharouite Technique use pieces of fabric cut into strips, the weavers use the fabric as yarn to make knotted stitches. This technique is widely used among the Atlas Berbers to recycle old clothing into colorful woven blankets.

For this collection, we have used scraps from a French factory specializing in silk weaving. They produce beautiful muslins, but like any industry, they sometimes have losses or unsuccessful trials. We have reclaimed these scraps to give them a second life. They outline the colorful lines found on the carpet and the squares on the cushions.