Our values

Valuing the Gesture

As an artisan myself, valuing the gesture that has been passed down through generations is close to my heart. Even as the motifs, materials, and outcomes evolve, the method remains the same. Each person learns from one another the gestures to create and perpetuate a millennia-old heritage. Each person leaves their mark to evolve the know-how throughout the ages without losing its essence.

The artisan, their expertise, and the resulting outcome are subjects that we highlight to ensure they endure and are passed on to future generations. Each person leaves their mark to evolve the know-how throughout the ages without losing its essence.

Promoting the Local Economy

Craftsmanship plays a central role in the Moroccan rural economy. Women’s weaving is a significant source of income. Wool sustains an entire economy in the valleys: from the shepherd selling the wool from his sheep to the spinner supplementing her income. Participating in this system ensures fair compensation for everyone. This allows artisans to earn a decent living from their expertise and to receive genuine recognition from their community.

We create, produce, and sell products crafted by humans for humans. It is essential to understand others, their ways of doing things, and their way of life. We share the same values of respect and honesty.

Traceability, Ecological Process

Today, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the consequences that textiles have on the planet. From the choice of raw materials to the dyeing of fibers, all the way to production, no action is insignificant. We must question and master each step to limit its impact.

The origin of raw materials, their transformations, and the production process are accessible to anyone who wishes to know them. All stages are shared to understand the ins and outs.

The Woman at the Heart of the Project

Throughout these years of research and creation, women have always played a significant role. Their position is central within the villages and cooperatives. They are experts in their craft and in passing down their knowledge.

This provides them with income and a real social role within their community. Intrinsically, the artisan woman is an integral part of Brodeuse Voyageuse. She is present at every step.

These four values ​​are now the DNA of Brodeuse Voyageuse. Every research, action, and creation is based on these choices. I am uncompromising on these different criteria, from choosing partners to the commercial direction of the pieces.