Our Expertise


Embroidery is the starting point of the Brodeuse Voyageuse project. It’s a practice shared by all peoples, passed down from mother to daughter to preserve their history and culture.

We are committed to valuing these repeated gestures over time and generations.

With a thread, a needle, and a fabric, all embellishments are possible

By giving time back to beautiful things, we collaborate with various embroiderers from the regions of Marrakech and Zagora to create exceptional pieces.

Berber embroidery, Rozlaby embroidery, or Dars and Randa, the techniques we use are all connected to the history of Morocco.

Natural Dyeing

All the colors we offer are derived from plant-based dyes. With years of practice, we have developed recipes that ensure colorfastness to washing and sunlight. We only use long-lasting plants that have proven their durability throughout history.

Our colors are vibrant and luminous both on threads and fabrics.

The dyeing process takes place in the Brodeuse Voyageuse workshop in Marrakech, ensuring production control. The water from natural dyes, a precious resource for us, is recycled in the garden.


Building upon traditional weaving techniques on carpet looms, we offer contemporary designs by incorporating materials such as silk, which is uncommon for Moroccan carpets, variations on hand-knotting, and harmonies provided by natural dyes.