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Zellige under the stars

For the duration of this collection, we invite you on a journey between the palaces of Marrakech with their colorful zellige decorations and the desert of dunes under the stars. With the Rozlaby embroidery techniques and the knotted weaving of silk threads, we have depicted these suspended moments on table linen, rugs, and cushions.

Handwoven Zellige wool and silk cushion and rug

he first step is taken on the mosaic floors of the palaces of Marrakech. With the knotted weaving of silk threads, we have designed this graphic and geometric stroll on rugs and cushions. Walk on our silky rugs to discover the centuries-old buildings of the red city

The second step is taken while seated in the dunes under the stars. With the rozlaby embroidery technique, we have depicted these luminous points that twinkle in the night and follow the curves of the sand dunes on table linen. Let the undulation of the desert landscapes from the end of the Drâa Valley enter your interior under a starry sky

This collection of textile products is dedicated to the art of living. It reveals a refined eclectic atmosphere, where the demand for materials and the accuracy of design blend with the authenticity of handmade craftsmanship.